Young Writers Award

Competition for schools

Do you want to motivate your pupils to write?

This award is ideal for sparking an interest and motivating the young writers of the future. This is a competition which unites young writers and renowned authors. The author starts the story, and your pupils finish it. The story should be a maximum of 2 pages.

With the authors of Fiction Express: Cethan Leahy, Kathryn James and Alex Woolf.

Will one of your pupils be the next big name in the publishing world?

Deadline extended until 30th June 2020

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Pupils born between
2010 and 2012

Co-create a story with
Cethan Leahy


Pupils born between
2007 and 2009

Co-create a story with
Kathryn James


Pupils born between
2004 and 2006

Co-create a story with
Alex Woolf


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Participate in other languages

Choose you competition. You can submit stories in English, Spanish and Catalan. You can apply to as many as you want, just fill in the corresponding application form.

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