Official Rules

Young Writers Award 2020

Boolino S.L. invites you to participate in the new category; The Fiction Express Young Writers Award, in the 6th edition of the International Boolino Literary Awards for Children and Young People. The aim of this competition is to promote the creative arts and awaken aspirations among young people born between 2004 and 2012. This year’s competition gives young people the opportunity to write a story together with renowned Fiction Express authors

Entry to these awards requires the acceptance of these Official Rules and the participant's commitment to comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

This category has been created to encourage the participation of primary schools, secondary schools and other institutions. Each candidate can apply as many times as they want in the genres that they wish, provided they comply with the following rules.

In this competition, works submitted individually will not be accepted, only the participation of one or several students through their teacher will be allowed.


  1. Applications will be accepted from 20th January 2020 at 00:01 GMT until 30th June 2020 at 23:59 GMT (deadline extended). Participation in this competition is free of charge.
  2. Young people who at the closing date for applications 30th June 2020; pupils born between 2004 and 2012, can participate, regardless of their nationality, origin or country of residence.
  3. The submitted works must have a minimum 1 page and a maximum length of 2 pages of A4. The text should double spaced, using Times New Roman font, size 12. Presented in Word document format and must be written in English.
    The Word document should specify the full name of the author, teacher full name, the title of the story, the name of the school and the school have a native level. Participants can download the Word template which has all of the required information specified.
  4. The contest has three different categories, depending on the age of the students. These are the categories:
    Category A: pupils born between 2010 and 2012.
    Category B: pupils born between 2009 and 2007.
    Category C: pupils born between 2004 and 2006.
  5. All participants can submit as many works as they wish across the genres providing they comply with the rules of these Awards.
    To participate, please go to the Awards website:
      - The teacher, in representation of the participants, should introduce their details (name and email), accept these Official Rules and the Privacy policy.
      - Then, they can download and fill in the application form in English, or in the language to which they are applying, and include this together with the works submitted. The application form must be completed with the details of the adult who will be representing the young people or children in front of the panel of judges.
    The final copies of the works and the application form should be sent, in English, to
    This Literary Award has been created to encourage the participation of students from primary schools, secondary schools and other institutions. Each group of works must be accompanied by the completed participation form with the details of the teacher and the school to which they attend.
    Works that do not have the application form attached, in the correct language and with all the details completed will not be considered valid.
  6. All works received by 30th June 2020, within the terms established in point number 1 (deadline extended), and by email will be considered accepted. Once the deadline closes and all of the works are received, the judges will proceed with reading all of the works submitted. The panel of judges is composed of professionals from the children and young people’s editorial sector, including representatives from Boolino Ltd.
  7. The decision of the panel of judges will take place on the 29th July 2020, but the results will not be made public until the end of October 2019 during the 5th edition of the Boolino International Awards (Fiction Express Awards) and the decision will be unappealable. The winners and finalists of this category will be announced on the same day of the Boolino Awards in October 2019.
    The winners of each category will be informed of the results beforehand.
    The participants agree to accept the decision of the panel, which will be final, unappealable and binding in all aspects, Fiction Express and its collaborators will be exonerated in the case of any before any possible complaint.
  8. The distribution of prizes will be the following 10 finalists (per language and category) and among them, one winner will be chosen (per language and category). One person cannot receive more than one prize. Each participant can present as many stories as they want, in as many of the languages as they want.
  9. A limited edition book will be created and printed with a compilation of the winning stories, and signed by the authors. The presentation of the stories at the awards ceremony authorises it’s publication. The book will not be available for commercial use, but for free distribution on informative and educational grounds.
  10. All winners and finalists will allow their works to be mentioned or reproduced in the aforementioned format and reference, if necessary, the authorship using their first name (derivations of the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 of Protection of Personal Data) and without receiving any economic compensation in exchange.
    Works will not be returned to participants.
  11. The acceptance of the Official Rules of these awards implies the automatic inclusion in the Boolino Ltd Database (NIF B65689804) with the information provided in the application form in accordance with the privacy policy.
  12. The following prizes will be awarded:
    • Winners: will receive a pair of bluetooth headphones and 5 invitations to the Fiction Express Awards Ceremony. Also, all winning stories will be included in a limited edition book signed by the authors.
    • The Schools’ of the Winners: will receive 5 invitations to the Fiction Express Awards Ceremony that will be held in November 2020 (London, Madrid or Barcelona)* and an author visit to the school or online webinar with the author.
    • Finalists and finalists’ schools: The schools of the finalists and the finalists will receive 3 invitations each to the Awards Ceremony that will be held in November 2020 (London, Madrid or Barcelona)*.
      *The prize consists at an individual entrance at Gala and the cities are pending of confirmation. It doesn't include expenses of displacement or stay.
  13. The winners will be informed by telephone (to the number registered in the application form) or by e-mail. The adult responsible for submitting the works on behalf of the participants, must ensure that the contact details are correct. In case of not receiving a response to confirm the communication within 3 working days following the mailing, the prize will be awarded to another finalist and the participant be eliminated from the list of finalists.
  14. The communication of the winners will be held on the day of the presentation of the Fiction Express Awards.
  15. The awards will be presented at the end of October as part of the Fiction Express Awards 2020. Costs for travel or accommodation will not be provided. Costs for travel or accommodation will not be provided.
  16. Taxes. The winner of this competition is solely responsible for any tax or applicable tax burden as a result of the delivery or use of the prize. The sponsor reserves the right to make withholdings and deductions of taxes and charges of the prize to the extent required by law. Commitments, guarantees and exoneration of responsibilities by the contestant.
    • (a) Participation in this competition implies the guarantee on the part of each participant that the information entered on the website of the competition is authentic and correct.
    • (b) Upon entering the raffle, each participant agrees to protect and defend the sponsor, its subsidiaries and their corresponding employees, agencies, representatives, subcontracted personnel, service providers and professional advisors related to the raffle (all of them hereafter “parties related to the sponsor ”) against any third party claim or claim that may be filed as a result of (i) breach of any of the commitments and guarantees accepted by the participant or (ii) breach or violation of any of the provisions of these Official Bases by said participant. Likewise, you agree to keep all parties related to the sponsor free of any liability arising from or related to those possible claims.
    • (c) Any participation that breaches any of the aforementioned commitments or guarantees or that, in any way, violates these official bases, will be considered null and will be automatically disqualified from the competition.
  17. Other agreements of the contestant:
    • (a) By participating in the competition, each participant accepts and acknowledges that neither the sponsor nor the parties related to the sponsor shall assume any responsibility for: (i) the delay, loss, theft or falsification of participations , or the arrival of incomplete, damaged, illegible or addressed to an incorrect recipient; (ii) possible errors, omissions or inaccuracies of the information or identification data in any participation; (iii) any litigation or claim arising from the participation of a contestant in the lottery or its registration documents, or by the receipt, ownership or use of the prize; (iv) any error of any computer equipment, software, Internet access, network, cable or telephone, or any other technical or communication error, failure, malfunction, interruption or delay; or (v) any damage that may be suffered by the computer equipment, software or data of the participant or another person as a consequence of participation in the competition or access, download or use of any tool, file, data, software , articles or materials related to this competition.
    • (b) By participating in this competition, each contestant accepts and consents to the sponsor the collection, use and preservation of their personal data for the purposes set forth by the competition (which includes, but is not limited to, merely enunciative, the processing and administration of the participations, the delivery of these data to the parties related to the sponsor when necessary for the operation of the competition, the communication and delivery of the prize to the winner, the public announcement of the winner, and the publicity and promotion of the competition).
  18. Sponsor's reserved rights
    • The sponsor reserves the right, to the extent permitted by current legislation, to terminate, cancel or suspend the lottery in part or in its entirety if a fraud, technical failure or any other factor that is beyond the control of the Sponsor damages the integrity of the lottery if determined by the sponsor. If something hinders the proper progress of the promotion or prevents the reception of registrations for causes that may include the inability to access the website of the competition or other associated sites, virus infection, code defects, illegal handling, unauthorized intervention, fraud, actions of the participants, technical failures or any other reason that, in the opinion of the sponsor, harms or affects the administration, safety, impartiality, integrity or proper development of the competition, the Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any individual involved in the action and / or to cancel, finalize, modify or suspend the competition or any of its parts. Any attempt to deliberately damage any service or website, or to hinder the normal development of the competition by any contestant or individual is a violation of criminal and civil laws, and in case of such an attempt, the sponsor reserves the right to claim said person the corresponding damages and losses to the extent permitted by law. In addition, the sponsor reserves the right to cancel and with competition any participation that is the subject of a claim by third parties as a consequence of the violation of copyright or any other right. The sponsors can make use of the photos received for the contest in case the promotion contains them for the web or other digital media and opportune social networks to promote the books and the campaign.
  19. Applicable legislation; jurisdiction
    • These official bases are governed and must be interpreted in accordance with the Spanish laws, and do not give validity to any conflict of legal principles. By this document, whenever you are in the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Barcelona

Barcelona, January 2020